Chiara S. Kurtovic was born in Moscow in 1984 .

She moved to Rome in 1989 where she studied set design at the Academy of Fine Arts before focusing on photography
attending a course at IED.
At the end of her study course, she took part to the project
“Acquedotto Felice” in collaboration with IED.
This gave her the chance to receive the honorable mention to the MIFA in 2014, for the people portrait category.

She started as assistant for several, national and international photographers, then she continues with several communication agencies.
She currently lives and work in Rome after a period in Ny.

Her work is the result of an intimate approach to the photographed subject with a research on the individual beauty.
Her works have been published on Nasty Mag, Dude Mag, Luxury,
C-41 magazine, Slave Magazine , Livingroome, Oppa Magazine, Chronicle e Citizen Grey, Famo .